Sunday, October 29, 2006

My awesome Aussie Pal

My wonderful items arrived in the mail about a week ago. It took me that long to get the camera to show you how wonderful my pal is. These wonderful things are from Lynne. She lives in Melbourne, Australia. Way cool. The lacey green scarf is alpaca. My favorite color and type of yarn . She sent the works in a colorful padded envelop with pictures of Australia. A postcard, you can see, is in the middle with the kowala bear on it. This goes in my class room with my postcard collection. I am also blessed with not one but TWO can you say two hanks of hand spun wool and alpaca. Again in my favorite color. Then to feed my chocolate fix several pieces of candy. and on top ofthe light green hank you can sort of see, several blue stitch markers. They are really cute. I am into knitting accessories. You only see three in the picture because I am using the rest. I received a package of 10 total. What an awesome pal I have. I wish to visit her country some day.
Thank you again Lynne so very much!!!
Renee in Minnesota


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