Wednesday, October 25, 2006

I'm sorry it's over

Well, the International Scarf Exchange has now come to an end for me. I have received my scarf and the scarf I sent has been received.

I received a lovely thick, warm, soft Alpaca scarf in the perfect colour for me, some yarn and some chocolate from Becky. I haven't had a chance to take a picture yet - I will do that over the weekend (well, of the scarf and yarn at least. The chocolate is, ummm, gone!).

And the package I sent was received by Phyllis. I loved being her secret pal! When I first read her blog after we were paired up, I read that she had a postcard collection with postcards from every continent except Africa and Antartica. Well, I couldn't do much about Antartica, but I read that a few days before heading off to Mozambique on a work trip. Buying and sending postcards along the way was lots of fun! And if anyone is heading to Antartica, please send Phyllis a postcard :-)

As for the scarf I sent, I had a few requests to share the pattern. I have written it up, and will be posting it on my blog as soon as I get the time to do so. Definitely by the weekend, if not before.

Thanks so much to the hostesses for such a great exchange. It was my first exchange, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I sure hope there will be an ISE 4. You can count me in!


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