Tuesday, September 05, 2006


i have reviewd my pal's questionnaire and i believe that some of my stash yarn is a perfect fit! who knew! i've read her blog, i've commented, i've emailed, and i am off.
wanna see the progress so far?

i'm knitting branching out. from knitty, but i decided i didn't like the lace being assymetrical so i'm knitting it in two pieces and i'll graft it later. (hence the icky grey yarn at the bottom) the yarn is a ball of annonymous purple mohair i found in my stash. i never knew what i was going to do with it before now. yippee! and i even think my pal will like this. at least i hope so :)
i'm having a lot of fun but i've never knit lace (with laceweight yarn) before so i'm kind of scared. cross your fingers. i'm 3 repeats in so far i thought i'd do a couple more and put in a lifeline.
adventurous yes.
stupid. no :)

i'm up to 5 repeats. woo hoo. must. finish. scarf... before sockwars pattern is sent out... ;p


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