Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Lynda L

1. Name & blogger handle: Knitty_Prof (Lynda L)
3. Blog URL: www.beadznyarnworks.blogspot.com
4. Country:USA
6. Colours you like:Orange, Russets, Blue-Violets, Red-Violets, Yellow-Orange, Rich and juicy colors
7. Colours you hate: Yellow, pastels, white, bland colors and neutral colors
8. Fibres you like: Kid mohair, Merino's, Alpaca, cashmere – SOFT yarns
9 . Fibres you hate/allergies: Acrylic and polyester
10. Prefered scarf length: 50 – 60 inches
11. Solid or variegated? either
12. Cables or lace or texture? any
13. Miscellaneous info : I prefer not to have crochet. I love knitted scarves or something sewn or mixed media artsy things. I like scarves that go WOW…nothing subdued or quiet for this girl.


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