Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Kristy M

1. Name & blogger handle Kristy M, Ok! What Next??

3. Blog URL www.okwhatnext.blogspot.com
4. Country USA
6. Colours you like Reds, Black, Dark/Rich Colors, Earth Tones
7. Colours you hate Yellow (I like it fine as a color but I can't wear it), Pink
8. Fibres you like Cotton, Cotton blends, Cashmere, Wool blends
9 . Fibres you hate/allergies 100% Wool
10. Prefered scarf length At least 60", prefer 72"
11. Solid or variegated? No preference - i'll leave this to the knitter's imagination
12. Cables or lace or texture? Ditto
13. Miscellaneous info I would prefer a knitted scarf but if the knitter I am paired with prefers another method, I am ok with that, too


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