Friday, January 06, 2006

Still not started

But I have a got a shortlist for the yarn and pattern. I'm still finishing my Christmas knitting as the international house move (UK -> France) caused some delays with that. I'm also knitting a baby hat for a friend's new arrival and my own daughter is just moving on to solid foods.

I can tell you what I'm not knitting for my pal: a Branching Out as I did one in Kidsilk Haze as a Christmas present; a Backyard Leaves - currently in progress as a present and an Interlocking Balloons - also in progress, it's a great pattern but a bit of a bugger to knit as the chart is so large.

My thoughts are to either come up with my own design or do something multi-directional. I need to swatch soon and make the final decision.

The good news is that I managed to find the box with the yarns in today. Now I just need to find the needles...


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